Silk Scarves Collection by Rossellarama

Exclusive italian fashion luxury accessories

Rossellarama fashion silk scarves collection is an Italian silk manufacturer and accessories brand. Thanks to her creativity,  textile designer Rossella Ramanzini has developed her own production line and direct sales of textile accessories. She designs and sells gorgeous scarves, foulards, stoles, ponchos  and men’s pocket squares according to the latest trends. Her style is distinctive, engaging, and alluring.

The designer´s imagery and concept bring to the surface of silk a luscious engagement of patterns, a magnificent triumph of colors and fantasies, inspired by neo-Pop and Optical Art.
The colour-palette of each composition has been carefully selected, ensuring every scarf is easy to wear.
Combining her skill and expertise as an artist and designer with her passion for materials and accessories, Rossella believes in the value of Italian craftmanship and in preserving a great manufacturing tradition.

In addition Rossellarama offers an excellent  printing and finishing service for brands, artists and designers.

Rossellarama uses the highest quality digital printing machines available , which offers the access to a very wide colour and scale, Rossellarama can achieve superb results and the possibility of offering to the clients a superior product.

Silk Twill, silk Crepe de Chine, silk Chiffon, silk Satin, cotton+silk,  modal+cashmere, warm  wool+silk,  all finest natural fibers will be the materials which Rossellarama luxury scarves will be made of in summer and winter collections. You’ll always find sophisticated style in terms of shapes, designs, representing joy and beauty.

All products are made from start to finish in Como, Italy. ROSSELLARAMA products are manufactured from only the best and most advanced materials available on the market.  We offer: professional printing service, custom design development, Private Label service, promotionals.

Rossellarama Collection typically sells its superb products to wholesalers and department stores, but also serves retailers in various countries and regions. Specialty shops and boutiques are very enthusiastic customers.

From the research to the development of the style , from the production to the sell, Rossellarama luxury silk scarves collection ensures the compliance with the technical, quality and ethical standards.

Rossellarama is a pure expression of luxury,  quality and Italian excellence.

silk scarves Made in Italy

Fashion silk scarves made in Como, Italy

All scarves and textile accessories undergo meticulous controls to ensure quality and conformity to international standards.

silk scarves Made in Italy

Digital printing

Digital printing has evolved over the years both from the technical and the creative point of view equaling, and sometimes even exceeding, the definition and the color rendition of the traditional silk screen printing.

silk scarves Made in Italy

Unique artistic designs/Custom designs

Every print is unique and meticulously designed by Rossella herself in her design studio. Every item comes with a “Made in Italy”, composition and care label. You can have developed your own custom design. Starting from your sketches, drawings and ideas, we can help you in the creation of your personalized design.