Silk Scarves Made in Italy


Silk Scarves Made in Italy by Rossella Rama: every item of this scarves collection is produced and finished in Como, Italy to the highest standard, offering a luxury piece of exclusive Italian design.


Rossella Ramanzini learned by herself how to paint at the age of 16.

Coming from an Italian family of artists, Rossella spent hours and hours in her uncle’s art studio, enchanted while watching him paint elaborate tables with a technique consisting of geometric and graphic patterns, layers and layers of color superimposed on one another.

Having absorbed naturally the passion and love for art, Rossella in time refines that technique, personalising it with unusual instruments for a painter, adding geometric and figurative silhouettes, inspired by Op-art movement.
Meticulous and complex work carried out while her child was sleeping, having become mother in the meantime, and then in all snippets of time.

Her unconventional non-academic education naturally leads Rossella to a journey towards a new life.
In time, art has become her main focus and she has exhibited her work both in Italy and in Europe as well as in the United States where she joined Artformz, an art movement based in Miami, Florida.

Rossella’s creativity led to her original idea of applying her precious designs to fabrics, silk and leather, exploring the multiple possibilities for paintings to live beyond their original format.

After attending a Textile Design Workshop in Como, Italy Rossella in 2010 has produced her unique and original “Scarves Collection Made in Italy” , blurring the line between art and fashion, combining her skill and expertise as an artist and designer with her passion for materials and accessories.

Now she is a partner of a leading production and printing company in Como for the production and printing of men and women’s luxury textile fabrics and accessories. They use the highest quality digital printing machines available, which offers the access to a very wide colour and scale, achieving superb results and the possibility of offering to the clients a superior product.

All products are made from start to finish in Como.

ROSSELLARAMA products are manufactured from only the best and most advanced materials available on the market.
We offer: Custom printing and finishing, custom design development, Private Label service, promotionals.

Rossellarama Collection typically sells its superb products to wholesalers and department stores, but also serves retailers in various countries and regions. Specialty shops and boutiques are very enthusiastic customers.

Rossella believes in the value and expertise of Italian craftmanship and in preserving a great manufacturing tradition.

Rossella is proud to say that the quality and the finishing of her scarves are among the best to be found on the market.



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